A tailor-made cocktail

Because the sit-down meal does not suit you, as you wish an animation cocktail type, the chef Remy Coste offers you a hot or cold cocktail dinner with interaction with your guests

Price on request

Appetizers (examples ...)

Tuna tataki, avocado cream, strong herb sauce
Carpaccio of St Jacques with basil
Truffle scramble
Duck gravlax with cucumber
Italian salad

DISH OF YOUR CHOICE made a minute in front of your guests and prepared in a standing table format.

Duck breast, seasonal vegetables
Beef tataki
Salmon gravlax
Chicken supreme with olives


Sweet treats or mounted piece

Cocktail dinner at home

Be called back

Fill in your name and phone number so that I can call you back as soon as possible
French toques and the national cooking academy
French Toques
It gives pride of place to culinary demonstrations and to the realization of gastronomic events, general public or professional.
National Cooking Academy
By relying on know-how, products, traditions, recipes, people
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