PRIVATE CHEF MENU by chef Rémy Coste

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This seasonal menu is updated regularly based on seasonal products.
it is a menu example that I will adapt according to your desires and your budget.
Surprise (adapted according to the chosen menu)
Salmon gravlax my way

Carpaccio of scallops, basil, candied orange

Small cod, smoked cream, coppa crumble

Skate ballotine, puffed capers, brown butter

Semi-cooked tuna, creamy avocado, spicy soy sauce with herbs, pickled vegetables

Beef tataki my way (red pesto and satay) 

Perfect egg, lentil risotto with white alba truffle

Beet caviar, asparagus, parmesan foam 

Duck gravlax, creamy butternut 

Perfect egg, breast confit in meurette sauce

Mushroom ravioli, truffle sauce and duxelle de petits paris
Low temperature duck breast, mashed potatoes with truffles, full-bodied juice with seasonal mushrooms

Perfect egg, breast confit in meurette sauce, mushrooms and buttered wholemeal bread

Low temperature veal, creamy seasonal vegetables, meat gravy

Poultry ballotine in a pistachio and parsley crust at low temperature, casserole potatoes, reduced poultry jus

Cod confit with lemon, pasta al limon, seasonal side dish

Ballottine of steamed ray wing, white butter sauce, puffed capers, seasonal side dish

Semi-cooked tuna, creamy avocado, spicy soy sauce with herbs, pickled vegetables

Smoked halibut on young spinach leaves, white butter, perfect egg
Home-matured truffle Brie
Crunchy chocolate
Red berry dessert
cheescake like a cigar
Red fruit sabayon
Blancmange with red fruits

Private chef | Seasonal home menu | Rémy Coste, home chef

Private Chef

How it works ?


We make contact and together establish a menu corresponding to your aspirations 


I arrive about an hour before going to the table with the menu that I finalize in your kitchen


The service and plate dressing are provided in all discretion with service staff if necessary

End of the service

Cleaning is provided and the service ends, you can enjoy your guests in peace

Be called back

Fill in your name and phone number so that I can call you back as soon as possible
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